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Cub Scout Pack 325
(Elma, New York)
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Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 325


 Greater Niagara Frontier Council, Red Jacket District, Elma, NY

"It's the spirit within, not the veneer without that makes the man." - Baden Powell

Chartered by Annunciation Church - Elma, NY

Comprised of 1st - 5th graders from Elma Primary Elementary School and surrounding area. Contact us if interested in joining our pack or if you have any questions.

We have den and pack meetings at Annunciation School, Clinton St., Elma.

The pack meets regularly on the second Monday of every month at the Annunciation School Gymnasium.

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Behavior Expectations and Discipline Policy Agreement Form.pdf Cub Scout Pack 325 Behavior Policy  
cub scout 325 welcome letter.pdf Pack 325 Welcome Letter  

Joining the Pack

We invite your son to join the country’s largest youth organization, Boy Scouts of America.  Scouting is fun-filled, educational, and a program with a purpose.  Scouting helps develop boys’ values of duty to Family, Community, Country, and others.  Scouting’s aims of character building, citizenship training, conservation and fitness have remained unchanged since the program began in 1910.  Boys have fun and at the same time they develop leadership skills by serving as boy leaders.

Programs by grade level:

1st Grade - Tiger Cubs.  The program focuses on activities for a parent-boy team from each family; each boy must have a parent partner that attends den and pack meetings and events. Activities are based around working together as a family and exploring new things. They meet once a month as a den and once with the entire Pack.

2nd & 3rd Grade - Cub Scouts. 2nd graders are a Wolf, while 3rd graders are a Bear.  They meet once a month as a den and once with the entire Pack.  Cub Scouting is a family and neighborhood centered program. 

4th & 5th Grade - Webelos work to become prepared to join the adventures of Boy Scouts during the spring of their 5th grade year by participating in more challenging outdoor, building and citizenship activities.

Pack 325 meets regularly at the Annunciation School gymnasium. We get out into the community and nature to make the experience more fun. We are committed to helping our school, community, and charter organization as much as possible.

An application form is attached.  Please feel free to fill it in and bring it to our next meeting.  We meet the second Monday of the month at 6pm - 8pm.

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Adult Application.pdf Adult Application  
Youth Application.pdf Youth Application  

New Handbooks for 2015 Cub Scout Program

Hey Scouts!

Do you have your new handbooks yet?  Make sure you get your Akela to get your new handbook at the Scout Store so you are ready to progress through your rank!

2015 Scouting New Award Requirements

The Cub Scout program is becoming more exciting than ever June 1, 2015. To coordinate with the launch of the new program, the requirements for the National Den Award, National Summertime Pack Award, Cub Scout World Conservation Award, and the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award are updated.

See what the new award requirements are by reading on.

National Summertime Pack Award

The pack can qualify for the National Summertime Pack Award certificate and streamer by planning and conducting three pack activities—one each in June, July, and August (or during other school vacations if your pack is in a year-round school).

Dens with an average attendance of at least half their members at the three summer pack events are eligible for a colorful den participation ribbon. Boys who participate in all three pack events are eligible to receive the National Summertime Pack Award pin, which they can wear on the right pocket flap of their uniform. This is an individual recognition for boys, not adults.

Cub Scout World Conservation Award

The World Conservation Award provides an opportunity for individual Wolf Scouts, Bear Scouts, Webelos Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturers to “think globally” and “act locally” to preserve and improve our environment. This program is designed to make youth members aware that all nations are related through natural resources.

Requirements for this award must be completed in addition to any similar requirements completed for rank.

Requirements to Earn World Conservation Award

Wolf Scouts must:

  1. Earn the Paws on the Path adventure.
  2. Earn the Grow Something adventure.
  3. Complete requirements 1 and 2 from the Spirit of the Water adventure.
  4. Participate in a den or pack conservation project in addition to the above.

Bear Scouts must:

  1. Earn the Fur, Feathers, and Ferns adventure.
  2. Earn either the Bear Goes Fishing or Critter Care adventure.
  3. Complete requirement 3 from the Baloo the Builder adventure by constructing a bird feeder or a bird house as one of the options.
  4. Participate in a den or pack conservation project in addition to the above.

Webelos Scouts (Including Boys Earning Arrow of Light Rank) must:

  1. Earn the Building a Better World adventure.
  2. Earn the Into the Wild adventure.
  3. Earn the Into the Woods adventure.
  4. Earn the Earth Rocks adventure.
  5. Complete requirements 1, 3a, and 3b in the Adventures in Science adventure.
  6. Participate in a den or pack conservation project in addition to the above.

Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award

Cub Scouts can earn the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award in each of the program years as long as the requirements are completed each year. The first time the award is earned, the boy will receive the pocket flap award, which is to be worn on the right pocket flap of the uniform shirt. Each successive time the award is earned, a Wolf Track pin may be added to the flap. Leaders should encourage boys to build on skills and experiences from previous years when working on the award for a successive year.

Requirements for Outdoor Activity Award
All ranks must attend Cub Scout day camp or Cub Scout/Webelos Scout resident camp. Additionally, complete the rank-specific requirements as follows:

Tiger Scouts
Complete the Backyard Jungle adventure, and complete four of the outdoor activities listed below.

Wolf Scouts
Complete the Paws on the Path adventure, and complete five of the outdoor activities listed below.

Bear Scouts
Complete the “Bear Necessities” adventure, and complete six of the outdoor activities listed below.

Webelos Scouts
Complete the Webelos Walkabout adventure, and complete seven of the outdoor activities listed below.

Outdoor Activities
The applicable number of any of these activities must be completed in addition to any similar activities counted toward rank advancement. These can be accomplished as a family, a den, or a pack.

  • Participate in a nature hike in your local area. This can be on an organized, marked trail, or just a hike to observe nature in your area.
  • Participate in an outdoor activity such as a picnic or a fun day in a park.
  • Explain the buddy system, and tell what to do if lost. Explain the importance of cooperation.
  • Attend a pack overnighter. Be responsible by being prepared for the event.
  • Complete an outdoor service project in your community.
  • Complete a nature/conservation project in your area. This project should involve improving, beautifying, or supporting natural habitats. Discuss how this project helped you to respect nature.
  • Participate in your pack’s earning the Summertime Pack Award.
  • Participate in a nature observation activity. Describe or illustrate and display your observations at a den or pack meeting.
  • Participate in an outdoor aquatics activity. This can be an organized swim meet or just a den, pack, or family swim.
  • Participate in an outdoor campfire program. Perform in a skit, sing a song, or take part in a ceremony.
  • Participate in an outdoor sporting event.
  • Participate in an outdoor Scouts Own or other worship service.
  • Explore a local city, county, state, or national park. Discuss with your den how a good citizen obeys park rules.
  • Invent an outside game, and play it outside with friends for 30 minutes.