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Pack 104 uses Scoutbook for rank advancement tracking. We still strongly recommend obtaining the handbook for each rank as there is valuable supporting information for each of the Adventures. However, in this digital age, we no longer sign the handbooks. All aspects of advancement are kept electronically. The neat thing about Scoutbook is that is can take a Scout all the way from a Cub Scout to Eagle. Once registered with the Pack, an account is automatically created for each Scout. An invitation is then emailed to the Scout's parent(s) so that they can keep track of their Scout's progress and can mark requirements as complete when they're been done as a family.

Scoutbook also provides Den and Pack calendars and convenient means of contacting Den/Pack leaders. The Scoutbook website is mobile friendly and has the same appearance on smartphones or desktops/laptops. For this reason, there isn't really an app. The best thing to do is just create a shortcut to the website. Things like Handbook Plus (Android only) can provide a slight improvement by eliminating the address bar, but it's really just loading the same mobile website.

This page may be updated at some point with a Pack 104 specific user guide for Scoutbook, but until then, the best resource for getting up to speed on Scoutbook or figuring out how to do something you're pretty sure it should be able to do is here: