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Your Cub Scout Uniform


Whenever you see a person in a uniform, you get a quick sense of who they are and what they do. The members of a sports team wear their uniforms to say "I belong to this group." Police officers and firefighters wear their uniforms to say "I provide a service to my community." Even superheroes wear uniforms to say "I'm one of the good guys, and I stand for what's right."

Just like all of these people, Scouts also wear a uniform, and for the very same reasons. As a Cub Scout, you belong to a special group of people, you give service to your community, and you have made a promise to do your best to be one of the "good guys." Wearing your uniform is a way of saying these things to everyone who sees you.

Parts of the Uniform

The required parts that make up your Cub Scout uniform:

  • The Cub Scout shirt, long or short sleeve (Lion Cubs have special T-shirts)
    • Patches needed: Northern Star Council patch, World crest, pack #s "67", and your den # patch
  • A neckerchief according to rank (orange for Tigers, yellow for Wolves, blue for Bears, plaid for Webelos)

    Optional parts:

    • A blue belt with a brass buckle
    • A cap that shows your rank
    • Cub Scout shorts or trousers

    Badges, Patches, Pins, and Medals

    Besides showing that you are a member of the Cub Scouts, your uniform gives you a place to display your personal achievements and those of your den and pack. Badges of rank, award emblems, special recognitions, and the medals you win at Cub Scout activities are all sewn or pinned onto your uniform.

    Scout Shops

    Uniforms, handbooks, etc. can be purchased at one of the Metro area Scout shops.
    (Lion Cubs will receive their handbook from the pack)
    The shop nearest Nativity is located on the corner of Marshall Ave. and Western Ave. in Saint Paul.

    Click for Scout Shop locations

    Click for uniform guide