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Cub Scout Pack 67
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Pack Organization

THE DEN      

A Cub Scout Pack is divided into small groups of about 6-8 boys called dens, who meet at least 2 times a month under the direction of adult Den Leaders (and adult partners for Lion and Tiger Cubs). Dens are organized by grade:

    • Lion Cubs (Kindergartners)
    • Tiger Cub Dens (1st grade)
    • Wolf Dens (2nd grade)
    • Bear Dens (3rd grade)
    • Webelos Dens (4th/5th grades)

The den allows boys to get to know each other better and engage in activities that would be difficult in a larger group. Den meeting activities are planned around the monthly core value and include games, handicrafts, hikes and other outdoor fun, practicing skits and stunts in preparation for the next Pack meeting and taking part in simple ceremonies and songs. Sometimes work on advancement requirements is included, but much of that work is accomplished by the boys with their parents. The Den Leaders will ask for special help from parents (helping with a meeting, sharing a special skill, providing a snack for the boys). The Lion and Tiger programs are run through shared leadership of the adult partners.


The Pack is a group made up of several dens. The Pack includes not only the boys in those dens, but also their families, and their leaders. The Packs meets once a month (4th Thursday of the month) with Cub Scouts, leaders, parents and other family members attending. The Pack meeting is the climax of the month's den meetings and activities. It gives the dens something to look forward to and work toward. This is a chance to recognize the boys, their parents, and their leaders.

In addition to its regular meetings, the Pack sponsors certain special projects. These include community projects, outdoor activities, fund raising activities, and fun competitions (e.g., Pinewood Derby).

The Cubmaster is an adult volunteer who serves as master of ceremonies at Pack meetings. Pack leadership positions may be held by women or men.

The Pack Committee is a group of adult volunteers who plan the Pack program and manage things such as record keeping, finance, leadership recruitment, and registration. The Pack Committee meets monthly and meetings are open to any interested parent.